Lean based production- and logistics development services
Virtual Manufacturing combines new technology, virtual tools and hard work to create value for our customers.
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Virtual driven projects towards customers, i.e. layout, industrialization, turn-around & transformation projects

Lean Manufacturing Equipment – Equipment to support ​manufacturing/production ​and internal logistics

Virtual Software and application development to support manufacturing/production ​and internal logistics​

Industrial Management

Virtual Manufacturing has a team with broad experience and know how to support, manage and implement projects within areas such as Industrialization, Lean Transformation, Operations, Project Management and Manufacturing PLM.

Assembly & Production Flow

Within the business area Assembly & Production Flow’s we focus on assembly projects where we conduct and carry out various services including station design, design of assembly lines with associated standardized working methods, work instructions, balancing, time, materials, facade balancing, layouts, etc. 

Robotics & Automation

In Robotics & Automation, we have assembled a team to manage and support all forms of automation processes. From single robot cells to complete robot lines. We have extensive experience in manufacturing processes such as welding, painting, handling, water jet cutting, sealing, spot welding, etc.

Lean Manufacturing Equipment

Virtual Manufacturing wants through Lean Manufacturing Equipment create reflection and inspiration to our existing customers. The products should be affordable and beneficial to have in order to help in the standardized work, 5S and your continued improvement work. 

Virtual Manufacturing Labs

Virtual Manufacturing has within Labs collected information to support, drive and implement exciting projects that are at the forefront within Manufacturing, e.g. Connected.


Manufacturing Digital Solutions that saves money and increases quality for our customers.

Virtual Manufacturing

We believe in and are willing to take on the challenge of combining technology, methods and hard work around production development in order to achieve results.

Virtual Manufacturing is the most innovative partner in modern production development. Competence, quality and long term sustainable commitment are our guiding principles. By using new approaches and perspectives we help leading companies in the manufacturing industry achieve "operational excellence" faster. Welcome to join us in creating value in your production "The Virtual Way".




food & Pharma


aerospace & defence

The Virtual Way

Virtual Manufacturing is a complete supplier of lean-based production and logistics development services. 

By using new technologies and perspectives we are helping leading companies in the  manufacturing industry to achieve "operational excellence“ in a faster way. Welcome to join us in creating value in your production "The Virtual Way".

Our Vision

Virtual Manufacturing shall be the natural, most innovative partner within modern production development. Competence, quality and a long-term sustainable commitment are our core believes. With the help of new approaches we will help leading companies within the manufacturing industry reach operational excellence faster.


Innovation - Our motive is long term improvement and new approaches
Customers - We create satisfied customers by showing real profits and building knowledge.
Change -  We create the opportunity for a natural change process.
Employees - We take responsibility for our employee’s development, competence and creativity potential.
The Virtual Way - Our base is global thinking with local power to act – we shall be an example of how to create results with small resources.


Tulip Webinar

Tulip Webinar

ABOUT THIS EVENT In today's fast-paced and increasingly digital world, manufacturers are realizing the pressing need to modernize their processes and transition from outdated paper-based workflows. Join industry experts from Tulip Interfaces and Virtual Manufacturing...

Tulip has integrated ChatGPT!

Tulip has integrated ChatGPT!

Manufacturing has reached new heights with the introduction of Tulip's groundbreaking ChatGPT AI Messenger. This innovative tool has transformed the way companies manage their production processes and streamline communication in the digital manufacturing era. Tulip, a...

Aladino update

Aladino update

Surprise avoidance with help of digitalization. The factory in Linköping is taking the digitalization of the site to top class.  We are connecting the Digital Twin, 3D models with a Real time location system (RTLS) that push and pull data from our ERP system. We...


Safety & Ergonomics


Floor Space Utilization

Increased Quality

Cost reduction

Optimized Automation Investment

Reduction of Time

Organizational Involvement

Available positions

We are continuously looking for new/experienced individuals who want to be a part of Virtual Manufacturing and work with technical consulting and projects.

If you are applying for a job you are probably an engineer with knowledge in Swedish and English. Send your resume to the address below.


Are you an engineering student?
We are constantly looking for new / experienced people who want to be part of Virtual Manufacturing and work with technical consulting assignments and projects.


New Product catalog

New Product catalog

LEAN PRODUCTION COMPONENTS AND SOLUTIONS. Modular system for process optimizers, workplace builders and cost reducers. Product catalog

Missed our webinar?

Missed our webinar?

No problem! Dive into the recording to uncover a wealth of valuable insights from our session: "From Data to Decisions: Gazpacho's RTLS for Smarter Manufacturing."  Explore the strategic advantages of Gazpacho RTLS, learn about its seamless implementation, and...

Tulip Webinar

Tulip Webinar

ABOUT THIS EVENT In today's fast-paced and increasingly digital world, manufacturers are realizing the pressing need to modernize their processes and transition from outdated paper-based workflows. Join industry experts from Tulip Interfaces and Virtual Manufacturing...