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Virtual Maufacturing can help your company:

  • Create a Digital Twin based on a 3D scan overlayed with 360° panoramic pictures, to navigate your factory though a link in any webbrowser.
  • Intergrate other softwares into your Digital Twin, to get real time data about your production.
  • Create a 3D layout model of your factory with CAD models, meshes and/or pointcloud cut-outs of machines and resources.
  • Create a future state scenario of your factory layout or a simulation to test new concepts.

Virtual Manufacturing have worked with 3D scanning for businesses and production sites around the world since 2007. Our mission is to give companies the possibility to build and develop their own digital twin. Our newest technology now makes it possible for us to scan an entire production plant over the weekend, which means that the data will always be up-to-date.

Digital Twin with 3D scanning and Navvis Indoor Viewer

The concept of digital twin is one of the cornerstones in Industry 4.0 and can change the way we work in industry today. With a digital twin of your factory, it is possible to evaluate large investments in a virtual environment before taking any risks in the actual production, utilization of resources can increase and it is possible to prevent expensive production stoppages before they even happen.

A digital twin is a reproduction of a product, resource or process in the production. The real resource sends data to its digital twin, where the information is tranformed into usable information. The digital twin can be used for simulation, evaluation and improvements of the production without disturbing ongoing processes.

Virtual Manufacturing uses 3D scanning to collect data and Navvis indoor viewer to visualize the data as a point cloud overlayed with 360° panoramic pictures in any webbrowser. This is the first step to visualize your factory as a digital twin that you can navigate in. The next step is to add information about your machines or resources in points of interests (POIs) and integrate other softwares into these POIs. The information that can be added to the POIs has no limitation, it all depends on the need of your company.