• Robotlyftet – Automation Checks

    Are you a small or medium-sized manufacturing company that wants to develop your manufacturing towards a higher degree of automation or robotization? Then you can seek financial support in the form of Automation Checks to bring in external skills to get help developing your work on this.

    Automation Checks should lead to increasing your company’s competitiveness through increased competence in using and investing in automation solutions and developing innovative concepts to succeed. Automation checks should give your company the opportunity to bring in external expertise, which can be used to:

    • Prepare an investment in automation
    • Improve purchase competence of future automation investments
    • Reduction of technical and economic risks before an investment in automation equipment.
    • increased knowledge of how automation and robotizing can improve the growth of the company.
    • Educate the personnel in the conversion to automation

    The Automation Checks must not be used for direct investments in robots, but should reduce the technical or financial risk to facilitate future investments. The overall goal is to increase the automation maturity and create new values ​​in the company.

    The Automation check should be use for external costs:

    • Technical investigations by integrator, system suppliers or other consultants.
    • Testing of automation solution, were today the ergonomics, workflow or build method is in need of improvement.
    • Simulation or testing of automation solution
    • Education of personnel to ensure that they will be able to support the automation

    The Automation Check can not be used for:

    • Direct investments in robots or automation equipment
    • Purchase of software
    • Product development
    • Business development
    • Material purchase
    • Ongoing app or web development
    • Cost of licence
    • Travel
    • Marketing or sales