• SMED analysis with AviX

    Virtual Manufacturing supports our customers with SMED analysis, using Avix as a tool.

    Thanks to the SMED analysis, the changeover time for one of our customers was reduced with 56 percent. In addition to this, all work instructions were updated according to the new standard.

    Virtual Manufacturing performs trainings and workshops in SMED to give you the tools and techniques to implement SMED in your company. We can help you with:

    • Identify non-value adding time in changeover processes
    • Identify non-value adding time by measuring, visualize and categorize changeover times in your processes
    • Help you see and identify difference between types of changeover actitivites.
    • Give examples and ideas of how different types of changeover activities can be reduced and converted into value-adding time.
    • Show how you can use Kaizen and 5S to make SMED a natural part of your continuous improvements.

    Our SMED training gives you practical examples of how our method works and how it can be adapted to fit your company and processes.