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“The Human Interface Mate transforms workstations to a digital and interactive environment. It is the optimal technology for operator training

Benefits in quality:

  • Prevents human errors.
  • Traceability
  • Reduces the amount of rework and products that need to be disposed.
  • Eliminates complaints.

Benefits in effectivity:

  • Correct from the first attempt
  • Flexible batch sizes
  • Flexible labor

Benefits in human capital:

  • Can be used by operators of different skill levels
  • Shorter learning curve.
  • Support level based on proficiency
  • Ensures the proficiency

Other benefits related to data:

  • Data logging
  • Traceability
  • Visualization of data

Visual work instructions is the way to go to eliminate errors in the production. HIM gives the operator mounting and packing instructions in real time through Augmented Reality and warns interactively for possible errors. The smart sensor detects if a moment is done according to instruction and ensures in that way that the correct tasks are completed. This prevents human errors in mounting, packing, kitting etc.