• Aladino update

    3D layout of our factory

    Surprise avoidance with help of digitalization. The factory in Linköping is taking the digitalization of the site to top class.  We are connecting the Digital Twin, 3D models with a Real time location system (RTLS) that push and pull data from our ERP system. We are in a project where we create a new toll for surprise avoidance. Digital footprint planning. We can in this tool see the ASIS footprint in the 3D model and all movements of the manufacturing order on the shop floor and stress the production planning with; What if simulation. Agile production planning.

    We also work with Tulip Interfaces Apps in the production to help operators with standardized digital instructions, 3D drawings, e-kanban, Andon and much more. Of course, we run Dailey puls meetings on digital Boards from Mevisio. Exited to be a part of the digital factory in Linköping. Digital demo center.