• Missed our webinar?

    No problem! Dive into the recording to uncover a wealth of valuable insights from our session: “From Data to Decisions: Gazpacho’s RTLS for Smarter Manufacturing.” 

    Explore the strategic advantages of Gazpacho RTLS, learn about its seamless implementation, and discover the concrete outcomes it brings to the world of manufacturing.

    In this recording, Daniel Wigren, representing Virtual Manufacturing, explains why Gazpacho RTLS is positioned as the future of manufacturing. Gain insights into the necessity of tracking technology in today’s digitalized landscape and how Gazpacho adeptly addresses these demands. 

    Pontus Rosengren, also from Virtual Manufacturing, takes you through the technical intricacies of Gazpacho’s implementation. Learn how Gazpacho seamlessly integrates with your manufacturing processes, providing real-time insights and a significant boost to operational efficiency. 

    Matthew Anderson, a satisfied customer from Sulzer, shares his firsthand experience with Gazpacho RTLS. Discover how Sulzer optimized manufacturing operations, improved standard work methods, and achieved sustainable, efficient results. Matthew also provides insights into potential future enhancements unlocked by Gazpacho.