At Virual, there are new projects coming in all the time. Many of our employees tells us in their interviews how varied the projects are, which means that you will have to challenge yourself. ​​
“I wanted to work at a place where you get to work on different projects, with a lot of variation and Virtual seemed to be the place. And It has been, I learn new things all the time.” – Leander

Working at Virtual is described as varied, open and familiar.​​
“We are like a big family. We do so many projects together across all company and collaborate, which means that everyone has an important role in the company. We always work together, even if the customer only meets a few of us. There is always someone who knows a little more if I need help.” – Anna

Virtual is a company where we work together and many who start choose to stay. ​​
“It’s a good environment at the office, you can ask anyone at the office if you need help. There is a lot off knowledge in here. We have fun at work, there is a good balance between work and the social aspect at work.” – Leander

Virtual Manufacturing AB

Virtual Manufacturing Sweden AB was founded in December 2006 by a small number of founders with extensive experience and history within modern production development. The company’s ownership structure consists of founders, key personnel and a number of holding companies. Holding companies represent complementary services and products in modern product and production development.
Offices in Gothenburg (HQ), Köping and Aarhus.

Our Vision

Virtual Manufacturing shall be the natural, most innovative partner within modern production development. Competence, quality and a long-term sustainable commitment are our core believes. With the help of new approaches we will help leading companies within the manufacturing industry reach operational excellence faster

Core Values

InnovationOur motive is long term improvement and new approaches

Customer– We create satisfied customers by showing real profits and building knowledge.

Change – We create the opportunity for a natural change process.

Employees – We take responsibility for our employee’s development, competence and creativity potential.

The Virtual Way – Our base is global thinking with local power to act – we shall be an example of how to create results with small resources.

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Virtual Manufacturing Thailand Co. Ltd

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