• Industrialization aspects in early product development

    The customer is manufacturer and developer of electric vehicles. Industrialization and industrialization aspects in early product development. The result: Product criticism in early stage to weave in manufacturability in the product development. The serial production started in the beginning of 2013
  • New Product, New Process & New Factories

    Six prototypes were developed during 10 months all according to SET Based Design & Virtual Manufacturing. Three parallell prototypes are in development. New pilot plant in Stockholm and new plant in Olvega, Spain. The result: From project start to factory – 18 months of lead time. From the last 3D delivery to start of production […]
  • Lean introduction

    The beginning on a strategic decision to implement flow production with LEAN principles. Was started up at spring 2012 with Flow production “10 days – 10 months”. The goal is to cut the lead time by half from customer order to delivery from 14 to 7 days. The project is ongoing, new layout with reduced […]
  • Industrialization

    Industrialization & Ramp-up projects where Virtual Manufacturing contributed with Interim production manager and project manager. We implemented Standardized work & shop floor management. This was a completely unique industrialization project that was completed. With the exception of filling the roles of Production manager & industrialization project manager, the work was done with Standardized Work & […]
  • SMED analysis with AviX

    Virtual Manufacturing supports our customers with SMED analysis, using Avix as a tool. Thanks to the SMED analysis, the changeover time for one of our customers was reduced with 56 percent. In addition to this, all work instructions were updated according to the new standard. Virtual Manufacturing performs trainings and workshops in SMED to give […]
  • Move of factory – Design on new factory

    Virtual Manufacturing was involved in and performed a design of a new factory together with move of current factory. In the project there was method breakdown, process planning, production flow analyses and 2D layout and 3D layout. Verification of different possible production concepts has been done since 2009. Some results are verified in the today’s […]
  • Daniel Wigren – Industry 4.0 not without challenges

    The article in the newspaper Position about the challenge within industry 4.0. To strengthen the native industry’s competetiveness is the motive for industry 4.0. But to reach that point is far from problem free and the road there is full of challenges. The Industry 4.0 initiative is based upon that the native industry needs to […]
  • Map of a factory

    Digital Twins – where 3D scans becomes reality

    Virtual Maufacturing can help your company: Create a Digital Twin based on a 3D scan overlayed with 360° panoramic pictures, to navigate your factory though a link in any webbrowser. Intergrate other softwares into your Digital Twin, to get real time data about your production. Create a 3D layout model of your factory with CAD […]
  • Robotlyftet – Automation Checks

    Are you a small or medium-sized manufacturing company that wants to develop your manufacturing towards a higher degree of automation or robotization? Then you can seek financial support in the form of Automation Checks to bring in external skills to get help developing your work on this. Automation Checks should lead to increasing your company’s […]