Our services

Virtual Manufacturing delivers services and products within production- and logistics development. We develop and optimize technologies, processes, methods and material flows within logistics, production and material handling.

Virtual Manufacturing is your most innovative partner within modern production development. Our goal is to avoid surprises, develop methods and standards, and optimize time and cost.

We help you create value in your production through “The Virtual Way”

  • Industrial Management

    Virtual Manufacturing has a team with broad experience and know how to support, manage and implement projects within areas such as Industrialization, Lean Transformation, Operations, Project Management and Manufacturing PLM.

  • Assembly & Production Flow

    Within the business area Assembly & Production Flow’s we focus on assembly projects where we conduct and carry out various services including station design, design of assembly lines with associated standardized working methods, work instructions, balancing, time, materials, facade balancing, layouts, etc.

  • Robotics & Automation

    In Robotics & Automation, we have assembled a team to manage and support all forms of automation processes. From single robot cells to complete robot lines. We have extensive experience in manufacturing processes such as welding, painting, handling, water jet cutting, sealing, spot welding, etc.

  • Lean Manufacturing Equipment

    Virtual Manufacturing wants through Lean Manufacturing Equipment create reflection and inspiration to our existing customers. The products should be affordable and beneficial to have in order to help in the standardized work, 5S and your continued improvement work.

  • Virtual Manufacturing Labs

    Virtual Manufacturing has within Labs collected information to support, drive and implement exciting projects that are at the forefront within Manufacturing, e.g. Connected.

  • Manufacturing Software & Services

    Our manufacturing software and services are designed to elevate your production and supply chain operations. With our cutting-edge technology and expert support, we enable our customers to optimize their manufacturing and logistical processes for improved efficiency, cost savings, and overall success. Let us help you take your operations to the next level.