Digital Twin via 3D scanning and indoor viewer

Virtual Twin is Virtual Manufacturing’s own version of Digital Twin. The technology behind digital twins can fundamentally change the industry. Investments become more profitable, resource utilization becomes more efficient and expensive production stoppages are prevented, the degree of utilization of the premises is improved, etc.

A digital twin is an image of a product, resource or process in production. This sends the data to its digital twin, where it is converted into useful information. Thus, one can use a digital twin for simulation, evaluation and improvement of performance, at best during an ongoing process.

Through a simple, quick and smooth 3D scan and a visualization software, we can first make the step to digital twin a reality. Your 3D scanning can be useful for everyone directly in the browser, where PoI tags can be integrated as desired. Through a unique combination of images and punk clouds, your digital twin becomes uniquely real.

Now there is a web-based application that shows realistic digital twins with 360° panoramas and maps generated by the 3D scan. Users can move around the digital twin as if they were there and use the interactive feature to add, search for path to goe-tagged information or take accurate measurements.

What information is put into “Point of Interest” is only limited by the imagination. This can be, for example, inventory lists, service manuals, information about ongoing Kaizen events, evacuation plans, work instructions, etc. We create a virtual control of the entire facility. The flows can also be visualized and guide visitors on a virtual tour of the factory.

Map of a factory