3D Scanning

Industrial 3D scanning and measuring

We perform professional 3D laser scanning for technical surveying, virtual mapping and digitization of your buildings and production facilities. 3D scanning is a fast and efficient method for three-dimensional mapping of e.g. factories, production lines, workstations, installations and products. The 3D scan can be adapted to your CAD software.

Benefits of using 3D scans:

  • Visualize your factory, production line, workstation or similar.
  • Reverse Engineering & CAD Comparison
  • Make measurements directly in the three-dimensional layout from the office.
  • Add new layout proposals to the scan and check that no conflicts arise.
  • The three-dimensional layout can be divided into individual components, such as machinery, piping, storage system operators, etc. This makes it possible to simulate and visualize the reorganization of the existing production.
  • Operator Training in virtual reality.
  • Webshare – the opportunity to access the mapping from any computer.

The scanning equipment is not bulky and production can continue uninterrupted while the 3D scan is made. We can scan objects of all sizes, both indoors and outdoors.