AGV – Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIV)

Traditional AGVs follow a pre-determined route with the help of optical or magnetic reading of the track in the floor. AVI is the next generation of AGVs that scans its surroundings and calculates the best way to its destination. The scan gives information about objects and people that are in the way, but also takes redevelopments of the factory into regard which requires reprogramming if you have a traditional AGV.

Automatically controlled vehicles have become an important part of the material handling in many factories and storages. AGVs optimizes the production processes, increase the safety, reduces the costs and can in general be implemented in all current production processes with little modification.

Virtual Manufacturing has several years of experience with AGV and AIV installations and we help our customers to find solutions that fit their needs. We can help out with:

  • Simulation to determine how many AGVs are needed in your proccesses.
  • Configuration of solutions to be able to automate your transports.
  • Installation of complete AGV and AIV systems.
  • Integration of AGVs with material stands and to create a material train.