Ergonomic mats

Elevate Workplace Comfort and Safety with Ergonomic Mats! 

Discover ergonomic excellence for standing work in production with our range of ergonomic mats. Virtual Manufacturing, in collaboration with Ergomat, provides mats that offer superior support to operators, preventing workplace accidents. Improved ergonomics not only reduces the number of sick leaves but also enhances productivity in the production environment. Our mats cater to various industries: 

  • Heavy Industry 
  • Food Industry 
  • ESD Environments 
  • Cleanrooms 
  • Distribution 

Laminate Mats for Versatile Workspaces: 

Introducing laminate mats, crafted in two layers for optimal performance. The top layer, a high-quality homogeneous rubber, ensures durability, while the bottom layer, a foamed EPDM rubber, provides exceptional aging resistance. The quality of the underlying material determines the ergonomic durability, ensuring elasticity over time. The top layer’s rubber material often dictates the mat’s suitability for specific environments, such as oil resistance, fire classification, welding, electrical insulation, ESD, antistatic, or hygienic properties. Laminate mats are an ideal choice for office spaces, retail environments, or lighter industrial settings, though not recommended for wet workplaces. 

Rubber Mats for Diverse Environments: 

A rubber mat is a homogeneous rubber layer designed for ergonomic properties through its profile rather than its consistency or softness. The profile may include drainage holes or rubber spikes for enhanced slip resistance. As the mat is homogeneous, it excels in environments with high moisture levels. Various rubber blends cater to specific environments and specifications, including oil resistance, fire classification, electrical insulation, ESD, antistatic, and hygienic features. Rubber mats are suitable for both heavy and light industrial activities, as well as in hospitals, kitchens, bars, laundry facilities, and more. 

Polyurethane Mats for Enhanced Ergonomics: 

Polyurethane mats are crafted from foamed polyurethane, typically with water. To optimize ergonomics beyond the foamed material’s capabilities, the mat’s profile is adapted. We offer polyurethane mats with two different profiles – one with a “bulging” surface for superior ergonomics and another with a smoother surface for ease of cleaning. The smoother mat is also preferable when frequent twisting or turning is involved at the workplace. 

Polyurethane mats are typically manufactured in 60×90 cm modules, which can be welded together to achieve the desired size and shape. While these mats are not recommended for environments with excessive liquid exposure, they find application in light industrial activities, packaging and sorting lines, office spaces, and more. 

Upgrade your workplace with Virtual Manufacturing’s ergonomic mats, ensuring a harmonious blend of comfort and safety. Contact us today to explore the perfect solution for your specific workplace needs! 

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