Discrete Event simulation

Virtual Manufacturing performs flow simulation over production and logistics plants to map out current production and test ideas, without having to disturb the ongoing system. Simulation models makes it so that you can avoid surprises and errors in an early stage and that gives support to analyse the material and information flow in the production. A flow simulation visualizes the system, which will shorten the lead time and ease decisions at investments in new productions, production equipment and readjustment in the production.

Virtual Manufacturing provides consultants with broad experience within flow simulation and we create models that can analyze capacity, bottlenecks, buffer levels, product mix, inventory and balancing. We verify our customers’ thoughts and expectations before investment and possible reconstruction. We do visual models so that all parties involved can get an understanding for how the future solution will look like.

Typical tasks we can help with:

  • Model av the daily production to understand how systems work and what parameters affect what.
  • Capacity calculations
  • Concept models
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Secure investment of new line or parts of it
  • Verify new and changed PLC logic in advance – Virtual Commissioning