Gazpacho is an easy-to-use web and cloud-based software for analyzing tracking data, regardless of the hardware used.

As the manufacturing industry continues to rapidly digitalize, it is crucial for businesses to stay at the forefront of technology to remain competitive. Real-time location systems (RTLS) have entered the limelight of the industry stage and are rapidly developing, but there is still much potential yet to be discovered. Tracking technology is predicted to be vital across all sectors, making it essential for businesses to invest in this technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Virtual Manufacturing is positioning itself as a leader in the field of RTLS-based decision-making software. Gazpacho is both hardware and software agnostic, providing our customers with the flexibility they need to adapt to the ever-changing market. However, positioning data alone is not enough to bring value to the customer. To truly reap the benefits of RTLS, it must be integrated with other applications. The software allows for the seamless integration of positioning data with enterprise data, enabling our customers to make the right decisions at the right time, evaluate and improve standard work methods, and balance processes. These features are crucial for ensuring robust, efficient, and sustainable operations.

Investing in RTLS-based decision-making software is a strategic move for any business looking to stay competitive in the rapidly digitalizing manufacturing industry. By unlocking the full potential of RTLS, our software will provide the data-driven insights and efficiencies necessary for success in the modern market.