Production logistics improves material flows within a production facility. This in order to achieve a smoothed and leveled flow of goods. Production logistics includes a holistic approach to managing the associated cost of the piece, from start of manufacturing and to the point of assembly. Within the lean manufacturing perspective production/operations and logistics are more and more phasing the same challenges and are forced to approach issues in a similar matter.

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants with broad experience in various logistics missions, from traditional inventory management to paced logistics processes.

According to “The Virtual Way”, we seek to visualize all logistic flows with Material Flow Simulation. We work with traditional production techniques to balance out the various tasks and logistic system that tact in a production facility.

Typical areas of expertise include:

  • Flow – Flow Simulation – Production Simulation DES – Discrete Event Simulation
  • Capacity Calculations – trains, trailers
  • 3D Layout / IN / OUT zones , Warehouse / High storage
  • Design of materials Front, Kit wagons
  • Replenishment Models , Kanban principle , Blanked Parts , Stopping,
  • Packaging boxes, shadow boards
  • Analysis method, time setting
  • Cardboard / Packaging choice Vs Pace
  • Construction Balancing & pack Instructions