Product- and process preparation

Preparation is the link between design and production. Designers develop products for function and the preparation examines the design to fit the product to a cost effective production.

Virtual Manufacturing offers within the area Assembly & Production Flow consultants with long experience of preparation within all types of industries and systems. Our consultants have the experience of preparation systems such as Siemens TeamCenter (TC), Dassault Enovia, PTC Windchill and Monitor. Typical tasks we can help with are:

  • Preparation – DFA/DFM – Product examination.
  • Make or Buy analyses.
  • 3D preparation / Assembly DMU / Assembly simulation.
  • Process planning / Method preparation (Structure management).
  • System support such as ERP/PLM – Calculation times and standard times (MTM, SAM and AviX.)
  • Running curves/Pace – flow value – Value stream mapping (VSM) – Process mapping
  • DES Discrete Event Simulation – P-FMEA – Work instructions.
  • Station, line and material facade balancing.
  • Ergonomics, workplace design Cell / Line.
  • Investment calculations – Specifications – Technical procurement support.