Bringing Digitization to Manufacturing & Logistics with Quuppa’s Location Services

In manufacturing, operations managers have to cope with a variety of logistical challenges. The leading issue is the lack of data visibility, which complicates everything from inventory management to shipment tracking. In the absence of end-to-end supply chain visibility, items are often misplaced throughout the different stages of production, and time is wasted trying to track down goods and equipment manually.

Individual stakeholders in a supply chain often utilize their own internal management systems and communication channels, as opposed to a centralized reporting and tracking system, resulting in siloed data that obscures the bigger picture regarding the status and location of an asset.

The resulting bottleneck demonstrates the need for a centralized system for asset tracking, which can only be achieved through a shift towards digitization in logistics. That’s why we at Quuppa have worked to develop Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), which allow for assets to be located, tracked, and analyzed in indoor facilities.

In an RTLS, a location tag is attached to an asset, and the location coordinates of the tagged asset are transmitted via indoor locators and an intelligent positioning engine. With Quuppa’s precise positioning system, an assets’ exact location can be made clear in real-time, simplifying and streamlining asset retrieval. But unlike other RTLS platforms, Quuppa’s system can locate tags and bluetooth sensors down to the centimeter and transmit signals through metal obstructions, making it uniquely suited for warehouses and other challenging environments.

The Quuppa system also provides an accurate up-to-date inventory across multiple sites, whether it’s for tools, parcels, or equipment, so you know exactly what you have and where you have it. All this data is also integrated into one single centralized platform, so you can easily set-up, manage, and monitor multiple locations, enhancing scalability.