Digitalization for Manufacturing and Logistics with Quuppa’s Location Services

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In manufacturing, operational managers must tackle a multitude of logistical challenges. The primary issue is the lack of data visibility, complicating everything from warehouse management to shipment tracking. Without visibility across the entire supply chain, items often end up misplaced during various production stages, and time is wasted manually trying to trace goods and equipment.

Challenges in Traditional Logistics

Individual stakeholders in a supply chain often use their internal management systems and communication channels, as opposed to a centralized reporting and tracking system, resulting in locked data that obscures the bigger picture regarding the status and location of an asset.

The Need for Centralized Asset Tracking

The resulting bottleneck highlights the need for a centralized system for asset tracking, which can only be achieved through a transition to digitalization in logistics. This is why Quuppa has been working on developing Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), enabling assets to be located, tracked, and analyzed within indoor facilities.

Quuppa’s Solution: Real-Time Location and Positioning

With Quuppa’s precise positioning system, an asset’s exact location can be made clear in real-time, simplifying and streamlining asset retrieval. Unlike other RTLS platforms, Quuppa’s system can locate tags and various other devices with Bluetooth (e.g., mobile phones and scanners) down to a 10-centimeter level, transmitting and receiving signals in metal-dense spaces, making it uniquely suitable for warehouses and other challenging environments.

Benefits of Quuppa’s System

Quuppa’s system also provides an accurately updated inventory across multiple locations, whether it’s for tools, packages, or equipment, ensuring you know exactly what you have and where you have it. All this data is integrated into a single centralized platform, allowing easy configuration, management, and monitoring of multiple sites, enhancing scalability.


A factory with quuppa tags tracking equipment