System Support

The requirement for multiple product variants within the same manufacturing facility sets high demands on the development and ongoing production processes. From the time a product is conceptually defined in engineering and design to work instructions and repair manuals everything can be integrated with a system support. Ongoing production processes can be more efficient with the right method and system support. Understanding of communication between man and machine is crucial for successful development of IT support.

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants with broad experience to challenge and develop how people, processes and systems work together. We offer a wide range of integration and application development services to streamline a company’s IT infrastructure. We develop support systems for our customer’s product development projects and their production and logistics processes. Our goal is to ensure that everyone works in a consistent, structured and effective way. There should always be a proven approach that is intuitive and easy to absorb.

According to “The Virtual Way” we work with the situation we are phased. We work with our client’s systems and history and help them we understand that and utilize their investment in the best possible way.

Typical areas of expertise include:

  • Method Development, Application Development
  • Training of personnel, integration, methodology support
  • Testing of new releases, benchmarking
  • Process Mapping, selection of work processes and systems
  • Business Development, implementation of a PLM solution
  • System Architecture , system Integration PLM / ERP / MES etc. System testing
  • PLM – Structure of product data for production
  • PLM – Structure of the Process Library
  • PLM – Structure Property / Layout