Where it’s a question of building trolleys with pipe racking systems which can handle jerks or high tensile stresses one comes up against the limits of what’s possible using conventional methods.

For this ­reason BeeWaTec has provides a solution which brings with it sufficient ­stability without curbing the flexibility of the pipe racking system: a robust square pipe base frame with brackets for the BeeWaTec pipe racking system by G.S ACE. The trolleys can be transported by forklift trucks by means of fork brackets. And the pre-fabricated joints of the square pipe system make it just as easy to manipulate without the need for welding as round pipes.

Individually designed trolley, made with square pipe, at the bottom part of the frame are brackets for forklifts.In order to improve handling of trains consisting of several trailers we have developed turntable steering, permitting the construction of trailers with very precise tracking. The construction uses a base frame made of stable square pipes.