Virtual Reality

Virtual Manufacturing has used Virtual Reality (VR) as a tool to navigate and visualize since the end of the 90s. At that time a SGI Onyx2 computer was used together with a headset with 263 x 230 pixels per eye. Today we use VR within several areas:

  • Layout projects
    • The entire team can walk around in different concepts suggestions which will ease decision making.
    • Flow simulations can be visualized in VR to increase the understanding.
    • Punktmolnet från en 3D scanning kan visualiseras för att visualisera nuläget. The point cloud from a 3D scan can be visualized to visualize the current situation.
  • Virtual training
    • Operators can be trained in VR to be prepared before they are going out in the real environment.
    • Maintenance staff can be trained in VR to streamline the work in the production.
    • Offline programming can be done in VR.
  • Work stations and Egonomics
    • New work stations can be built in VR to get better feedback on changes.
    • Current work stations can be evaluated in VR.
    • Virtual Comissioning can be done in VR.