Work Instructions

Virtual Manufacturing have a long and broad experience in developing the best possible support for operators in the automotive, aircraft and traditional manufacturing industry.

According to “The Virtual Way” Virtual Manufacturing wants to, as early as possible, begin work on the work instructions. This in order to get feedback from both designers and operators in an early phase of development. We prefer to be involved in delivering a first draft of the work instruction already during the prototype production stage.

In our “Virtual Training” concept we have various tools/support that allows operators to test their knowledge in areas such as article number, assembly sequence, component knowledge, choice of tools and equipment and rules of procedure. We want to prepare  the operators and obtain their participation and feedback in an early phase. The final will be our gate “Virtual Start of Production – VSOP”. The goal in this stage is to lift focus to the entire workplace. We are well familiar with improving the work instruction and reaching the first stage of standardized work.