Assembly & Production Flow

Within the business area Assembly & Production Flow’s we focus on assembly projects where we conduct and carry out various services including station design, design of assembly lines with associated standardized working methods, work instructions, balancing, time, materials, facade balancing, layouts, etc. Virtual Manufacturing also perform services within Value Stream Mapping (VSM), including time and methodology studies.

Product- and process preparation

Preparation is the link between design and production. Designers develop products for function and the preparation examines the design to fit the product to a cost effective production.

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Work Instructions

Virtual Manufacturing have a long and broad experience in developing the best possible support for operators in the automotive, aircraft and traditional manufacturing industry.

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Virtual Manufacturing uses 3D and 2D layout as a tool for planning, simulation and communication in all types of development projects.

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Discrete Event simulation

Virtual Manufacturing performs flow simulation over production and logistics plants to map out current production and test ideas, without having to disturb the ongoing system.

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Production logistics improves material flows within a production facility. This in order to achieve a smoothed and leveled flow of goods. Production logistics includes a holistic approach to managing the associated cost of the piece, from start of manufacturing and to the point of assembly.

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System Support

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants with broad experience to challenge and develop how people, processes and systems work together. We offer a wide range of integration and application development services to streamline a company's IT infrastructure.

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3D Scanning

With the help of 3D scanning you can get full access to your plant wherever you are in the world. You can even get a so called "virtual fly through", both indoors and outdoors. The result of a 3D scan can be used to create a 3D layout for your plant regardless if it's for a complete layout or for a single station. In addition it is faster to create a 3D layout with high precision compared to traditional measuring.

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