Industrial Management

Within the business area Industrial Management, Virtual Manufacturing has a team with broad experience and know how to support, manage and implement projects within areas such as Industrialization, Lean Transformation, Operations, Project Management and Manufacturing PLM. This group has a long and solid industrial experience within manufacturing. We can and we want to share with you our extensive experience to increase the profitability in industrial companies.


Industrialization involves planning and implementing, the entire process from prototype to production. Virtual Manufacturing supports companies throughout the hole process and ensures that our customers reach their goals. We carry out industrialization projects in three stages: Pre-study, Detailed planning and Implementation.

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Production technology

Virtual Manufacturing has a broad experience of production technology both when it comes to manufaturing processes and production equipment.

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Lean Transformation

The combination of virtual production development and lean manufacturing enables you to detect conflicts at an early stage and allows you to react before investments in physical equipment forces you to think in workarounds or reinvestment. All though this is not a conventional area within lean manufacturing and its application, we have created great results for our customers.

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Operation & Project Management

Virtual Manufacturing has a long and solid experience in project management within areas such as start-up of new factories, automation, layout and flow changes and move of factories.

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Manufacturing PLM

Manufacturing PLM enables engineers with different focus areas to share knowledge and to link products, processes and manufacturing resources in any way relevant and thereby breaking down knowledge silos well known in a conventional R&D center.

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Strategy and Tactics

Virtual Manufacturing offers support in our customers' work with strategic and tactical questions and organizational development. Most of the smaller and mid sized companies have a strategy for how the company should develop, but no organized plan for how it should be connected to the operative business.

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