Lean Manufacturing Equipment

Virtual Manufacturing wants through Lean Manufacturing Equipment create reflection and inspiration to our existing customers. The products should be affordable and beneficial to have in order to help in the standardized work, 5S and your continued improvement work. We want to help our customers find the products / tools to create value in production. All to help our customers achieve operational excellence faster.External product catalog (opens in a new tab)

Flow Racks

Through the modular Pipe & Racking system from Beewatec we can together with the customer easily and quickly design and create solutions within the material, production flow.

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ndividually designed trolley, made with square pipe, at the bottom part of the frame are brackets for forklifts.In order to improve handling of trains consisting of several trailers we have developed turntable steering, permitting the construction of trailers with very precise tracking. The construction uses a base frame made of stable square pipes.

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The flexible BeeWaTec systems for assembly work stations make it possible to work efficiently even under changing requirements. At the same time they promote your employees’ wellbeing in that they can be adjusted to suit physical requirements.

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AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles

Automatic guided vehicles have become part and parcel of many plants. Their economic and practical advantages, as well as their ongoing technical evolution, have opened up new areas. AGV optimizes production processes, increases the safety, reduces the costs - in all of the material flows within the company

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Floor marking & Stripes

Virtual Manufacturing delivers floor marking and stripes to get an easy and cost effective way of marking zones in the production lioke trucks, dangerous goods and material areas. We help our customers with everything from what color should be used, to create a 3D model over a factory with marked areas.

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Workstation Equipment

Virtual Manufacturing offers you a variety of equipment and work materials developed for professionals and tried and tested in practice. Because even though tasks and needs are different everywhere one thing remains constant: the highest expectations regarding stability, flexible use and durability.

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Shopfloor Management

Shopfloor Management means to visualize and clarify information in the production. Lean production seeks to use resources in an effective way, secure customer satisfaction and to constantly improve the companies' competetiveness.

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Ergonomic mats

The work environment differs a whole lot from one business to another. We provide mats for

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Ergonomic lifts - Bloksma


Safety Barrier


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