Robotics & Automation

Our customers are continuously investing money in automation to increase the competitiveness when it comes to cost, quality and flexibility.

As investments increase, so does the risk. Careful planning, definition and verification of automated production equipment are key activities to avoid surprises and benefit the most from the investment made.

In Robotics & Automation, we have gathered a team to manage and support all forms of automation processes. From single robot cells to complete robot lines.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing processes such as welding, painting, handling, water jet cutting, sealing, spot welding, etc.

Robot simulation & OLP

Dimensioning of robots and their surroundings can be made very detailed with the help of simulation. Virtual Manufacturing helps customers with collision detection, cycle time evaluation and to do tests which contributes to secure a perfect layout and dimensioning of the equipment. Offline programming based on the simlation work contributes to deploy the equipment without errors within a very short timeframe.

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Tooling design

Fixtures, grippers and other tools are custom made so that every station will successfully perform the tasks that are required to complete the processes that have been assigned to that station. Process, product and resource defintions are all conditions for a tool construction.

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3D Layout

When new equipment is installed it is always important to visualize the goal in order to align your teams, exclude misunderstandings and avoid surprises. A detailed 3D layout enables more complex robotic simulations in order to optimize sequences and the control logic with respect to product flow and zone allocation.

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Virtual Commissioning

Virtual Manufacturing develops complete models of production lines to be able to troubleshoot and fine-tune our customer's physical PLC and their control logic. It opens up the possibility to discover routines for many exception scenarios like emergency stop and other events that are not included in the primary sequences. All of this contributes to compress the run-in period.

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Are you a small- or medium sized manufacturing company that wants to increase your level of automation and robotization? Then you can apply for economical support from the Swedish government to take in consultants to help you develop within this area.

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