• Industrialization aspects in early product development

    The customer is manufacturer and developer of electric vehicles. Industrialization and industrialization aspects in early product development. The result: Product criticism in early stage to weave in manufacturability in the product development. The serial production started in the beginning of 2013
  • New Product, New Process & New Factories

    Six prototypes were developed during 10 months all according to SET Based Design & Virtual Manufacturing. Three parallell prototypes are in development. New pilot plant in Stockholm and new plant in Olvega, Spain. The result: From project start to factory – 18 months of lead time. From the last 3D delivery to start of production […]
  • Map of a factory

    Digital Twins – where 3D scans becomes reality

    Virtual Maufacturing can help your company: Create a Digital Twin based on a 3D scan overlayed with 360° panoramic pictures, to navigate your factory though a link in any webbrowser. Intergrate other softwares into your Digital Twin, to get real time data about your production. Create a 3D layout model of your factory with CAD […]
  • Robotlyftet – Automation Checks

    Are you a small or medium-sized manufacturing company that wants to develop your manufacturing towards a higher degree of automation or robotization? Then you can seek financial support in the form of Automation Checks to bring in external skills to get help developing your work on this. Automation Checks should lead to increasing your company’s […]
  • Industrialisering - DFA

    Industrialization aspects in early product development

    The customer is the manufacturer and developer of electric vehicles. Industrialization and industrialization aspects in early product development. The result: Production criticism in early phase to weave in manufacturability in the production development before serial production.
  • CheckProof- digital checklists

    CheckProof is the ultimate system for digital checklists. CheckProof helps you perform predictive maintenance and increase quality, health and safety at your workplace.
  • MEVISIO – Digital Boards

    MEVISIO is the digital platform for visualization and teamwork. The platform has a unique flexibility, which enables all types of businesses to use it to manage goals, planning and activities. Each board is individually built from a modular library and the boards can be connected to send information between each other. Digital Lean boards can […]
  • Monitor ERP

    Monitor ERP

    MONITOR ERP is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning system optimized for manufacturers. With integrated business intelligence, MONITOR helps you gain real-time insights into operational performance. Costing and time management are one of the core strengths of the system, allowing accurate projection of pre- and post-production costing along with estimated delivery time based on your current […]
  • New Product catalog

    LEAN PRODUCTION COMPONENTS AND SOLUTIONS. Modular system for process optimizers, workplace builders and cost reducers. Product catalog
  • Aladino

    about our collaboration with Linnaeus University and Mauro Caporuscio on the ALADINO project where we’re building a simulation algorithm for their Hackefors Digital Twin. The collaboration is aimed at optimizing the production schedule of the incoming orders by considering the space availability of the storage areas and minimizing the delay on the expected shipping dates, with the […]
  • 3D layout of our factory

    Aladino update

    Surprise avoidance with help of digitalization. The factory in Linköping is taking the digitalization of the site to top class.  We are connecting the Digital Twin, 3D models with a Real time location system (RTLS) that push and pull data from our ERP system. We are in a project where we create a new toll […]
  • A photo of our logo with quuppas logo

    Virtual Manufacturing and Quuppa Partnering to Bring Advanced Location Intelligence to Industrial IoT 

    We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Quuppa. Through this partnership, we will integrate Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating System with our RTLS programme, Gazpacho, to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for tracking assets and people in real time.  Virtual Manufacturing specialises in providing state-of-the-art RTLS solutions for a range of industries. Partnering […]
  • Tulip has integrated ChatGPT!

    Manufacturing has reached new heights with the introduction of Tulip’s groundbreaking ChatGPT AI Messenger. This innovative tool has transformed the way companies manage their production processes and streamline communication in the digital manufacturing era. Tulip, a leading provider of digital production management solutions, has unveiled its latest addition to the product lineup, the ChatGPT AI […]
  • Embrace the Future of Manufacturing with Our Webinar! ​

    ​In the dynamic landscape of today’s industrial world, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever. Manufacturers are realizing the pressing need to modernize their processes and transition from outdated paper-based workflows. 📜➡️💻 ​​📣 Join industry experts from Virtual Manufacturing Sweden AB and Tulip Interfaces as they delve into the compelling reasons for manufacturers to make the switch to digital processes, and the transformative benefits it can bring. This webinar aims to provide valuable insights […]
  • Tulip Webinar

    ABOUT THIS EVENT In today’s fast-paced and increasingly digital world, manufacturers are realizing the pressing need to modernize their processes and transition from outdated paper-based workflows. Join industry experts from Tulip Interfaces and Virtual Manufacturing as they delve into the compelling reasons for manufacturers to make the switch to digital processes, and the transformative benefits […]
  • Costumers looking at the tulip tation

    Experience Tulip firsthand

    In our production facility in Linköping, Tulip has become a part of our operations, offering a firsthand experience of its capabilities. At our facility, visitors are not only able to witness the power of Tulip but also understand how we leverage its innovative features to enhance efficiency and productivity.  But the Tulip experience doesn’t end […]