Manufacturing Software, Software Developer

Manufacturing Software, Software Developer

Virtual Manufacturing Sweden AB was founded in December 2006. Virtual Manufacturing provides a range of consulting, education, and support services within production & logistics development. Virtual also has a hardware equipment portfolio positioned for the assembly and logistics process.

In addition to this, Virtual has a fast-growing business unit within Manufacturing Software & Services to support industrial companies.

Our focus is the manufacturing industry. The goal of our business is to help our customer maximize the profit, the value and the understanding of new and innovative working methods.

Manufacturing Software – Gazpacho Software Development

Modern manufacturing software needs integration to and information from different software applications.

We work with data coming from ERP, PLM, MES and WMS system.

We also add data from different sources using the latest IoT technology.

Virtual Manufacturing is a pioneer in the Virtual Manufacturing & Logistics process development area.

During the years we have continuously worked in the Digital Twin arena with Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory applications.

Today we have a portfolio of SW solutions that helps our customers collect and analyze data to improve and get leaner.

Our main software is Gazpacho – a Real Time Location Analytic System (RTLAS)

This system feeds location coordinates and timestamp data such that different assets can be tracked. 

Output from Gazpacho is typically spaghetti diagrams and heatmaps to visualize data and analyze the data.

The market of feeding the Digital Twins and support the industry with good accurate data and analysis tools is growing every year.

Our Software development team is global. Core software development is done in Los Angeles US. Testing is done mainly in Bangkok-Thailand, Proof of Concept – customer support is done from Gothenburg Sweden and Bangkok Thailand.

Virtual Manufacturing offers Gazpacho RTLAS system including customizing and integration to different software like ERP & MES Software.

We are looking for a Software programmer:

  • Good understanding of data flow.
  • Experience of Agile work methods
  • Experience in understanding clients’ specs or internally specs
  • Customer / User focus
  • Good skills in communication
  • Interest to work with standardization and knowledge sharing


Minimum Qualification requirement:

–  +3 years of experience working with front-end technologies

–  Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, software, or Computer Science from a reputable university

–  Expert skills in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

–  Advanced skills in JavaScript, ES5, ES6

–  Advanced skills in Vue.js / React.js

–  Familiar with Apache Kafka / Event Hub

–  Proficient with REST API and GraphQL

–  Proficient in Git

–  DevOps Mindset

Preferred Qualifications:

–  Working knowledge with the deployment of Machine learning algorithms

–  Experience working and deploying applications in cloud (AWS / Azure)

–  Familiarity with data lakes and data warehousing using Snowflake / Redshift / etc.

–  +5 years of experience (or Expert proficiency) in JavaScript


You’re Excited About This Opportunity Because You Will… Develop and maintain software for a web application in collaboration with our Data Science and Artificial intelligence team Working in a young and talented environment that is constantly changing and growing Receive a competitive salary and various bonuses.

Have the option to work from home or in person in our offices

 Interview Process:

Initial screening on applicants and select applicants who meet the “Minimum Qualification Requirement”.

Invitation to participate in a take-home test to assess your technical knowledge.

Passing the take-home test, you will receive an invitation to a final-round interview

Please send your application via e-post: or direct thru our LinkedIn add Our web:

Virtual Manufacturing AB was founded in December 2006 by a small number of founders with extensive experience and history within modern production development. The company’s ownership structure consists of founders, key personnel and a number of holding companies. Holding companies represent complementary services and products in modern product and production development.
Offices in  Gothenburg (HQ), Linkoping and Bangkok..


Our Vision

Virtual Manufacturing shall be the natural, most innovative partner within modern production development. Competence, quality and a long-term sustainable commitment are our core believes. With the help of new approaches we will help leading companies within the manufacturing industry reach operational excellence faster

Core Values

Innovation – Our motive is long term improvement and new approaches
Customer – We create satisfied customers by showing real profits and building knowledge.
Change – We create the opportunity for a natural change process.
Employees – We take responsibility for our employee’s development, competence and creativity potential.

The Virtual Way – Our base is global thinking with local power to act – we shall be an example of how to create results with small resources.