Virtual Manufacturing delivers lean based production- and logistics development services to all types of manufacturing industries.   

SAFETY & Ergonomics

Safety and ergonomics is the most important part of a workplace, but is not always prioritized in development projects. 

Virtual Manufacturing work daily to improve workplaces and improve the work environment for operators within industry. We help our customers within ergonomics, workplace design and design of material facades. 

Organizational involvement

Virtual Manufacturing works to invlove people from all levels of the organization in development projects. This helps to utilize the common knowledge within the company.

REDUCtion of WIP

By reducing WIP, it does not only reduce tied up capital but does also increase our delivery precision. Virtual Manufacturing help our customers to reduce WIP by reducing buffers and improve efficiency in all processes.

Reduction of time

There is a lot of non-value adding time that can be reduced in a production process.  

Virtual Manufacturing works with time studies to identify and visualize non-value adding time and how this can be eliminated.

Floor space utilization

To utilize the current production space in the best possible way brings a lot of benefits. We do not have to invest in new facilities and we can improve our material flow. If a new investment is necessary, we can help you to optimize and utilize this space in the best possible way.

Virtual Manufacturing works with layouts as an important tool for planning, simulation and communication in all types of development projects.   

OPTIMized Automation investment

Automatiion can lead to a higher level of competitiveness men requires a lot of planning and verification to avoid surprises.

Virtual Manufacturing supports our customers in all types of investments and automation processes, to ensure all types of investments.

Increased Quality

Virtual Manufacturing has a broad experience from quality improvements within all industry sectors.

”The Virtual Way” means that we want to improve quality in early phases of development projects to be able to collect feedback from operators and designers. This gives us the possibility to avoid errors and thereby improve quality in production.

Cost Reduction

There are a lot of factors that affect the costs in a company. Virtual Manufacturing takes a holistic view upon our customer’s organization and find improvement potentials on all levels and departments. We help you find cost reductions in all parts of the organization.